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So, How Does This Work?

Glad you asked... 

One of two things brings you here. You searched, you clicked, you found. OR one of our team members pointed you in this direction. While you're here, you're invited to take a look at what to expect when you work with us or, simply call us and we'll get the ball rolling.


Schedule a meeting 
Discover what you need & what you don't 
Suggest some awesome solutions 
Set up our next call 

This is just our fancy way of saying, coffee or lunch? On us, of course! We'll ask simple goal-oriented questions and you let us know what your business needs. We love meeting with our clients in-person or online, at their convenience. Our #1 goal is that you enjoy your experience every step of the way and never feel overwhelmed or undervalued.

After analyzing your needs, we'll designate a clear path to take, without leaving you guessing. 

We are as dedicated to you, as you are to your business. Receive a curated proposal that breaks down the IT services and product solutions your company needs with projected timelines that we guarantee to meet.

We're also happy to discuss adjustments as needed and answer any questions you may have regarding product functions, benefits, extent of services, and length of service agreements.


Get Your Quote
Answer Your Questions 
Make Adjustments 


Make it official
Set up a start date
Product Orders
Initial Setup

After we've adjusted, agreed, and moved forward with the final proposal, we'll get started right away!

This looks like ordering hardware, smart devices, and other physical elements for your workstations, as well as implementing new software on new and existing endpoints.

Get used to having someone you can count on! You might see us in your office, meeting with your team members online, or over the phone. This is how we fast-track your new office operations system setup and security.

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