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Welcome to ETSG!  We get it, we like to get a feel for who we work with too. That means, when you wanna know more about the people you do business with, we're an open book! Get a closer look at our values, how we started, and where we're going!


" We promise to bring balance, integrity, and innovation to the forefront of advanced technology solutions for organizations across the heart of Missouri. We whole-heartedly believe in prioritizing customer service because we value, appreciate, and respect our neighbors. With curiosity and community spirit we'll continue to provide world-class-solutions to the businesses that bring experiences, homes, services, and unity to our families and yours."

Recent years have changed the landscape for digital business solutions around the world. Business owners needed to level up connection to their customers and streamline their software for employees. Cue 3 local Missouri guys who love food, business, and community...


They knew something had to change in the heart of the SHOW ME state. The pandemic was stressful enough but technology didn't have to be. They decided to bring together TWO things everyone in Missouri loves; good business & great service.

Well, if you know Rob Johnson, then you probably know that Elite Technology Solutions Group was the answer.


Now, ETSG brings comprehensive IT support fueled by a customer centric approach, making strategic growth easier than it's ever been in the heartland.



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Bringing experience to a community we love.

Without naming names, the foundational leadership at ETSG has well over 60 years of experience in business building right here in the heart of Missouri!

Our founders and team, here at ETSG, are dedicated to building a bright future by leading the way in creative innovation. As we extend our hand to more businesses in Missouri, we're also keeping an eye out for top-talent to empower the services you need.


Today, we're striving to show up, support, and connect with our community as we solidify our roots here in Jefferson City. 


So, if you see us out and about, be sure to come say hello, we'd love to hear from ya!

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