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5 IT Tips To Increase Office Productivity

How not to go crazy while trying to save time, money, and stress at work.

Realize the benefits of letting technology work for your office and not against it!

In an office environment, maximizing productivity is essential for maintaining efficiency and achieving business goals. Leveraging information technology, or #IT, can be a significant factor in streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Take a quick a look at these five I.T. tips that can help boost your office productivity.


Tip 01|

Simplify Your Communication Platforms

Unified communication tools are like the Swiss Army knives of the digital world, combining email, instant messaging, video conferencing, and VoIP into one nifty platform. They're the superheroes ensuring that team members can collaborate without the hassle of juggling a gazillion apps. #MicrosoftTeams, #Slack, and #Zoom are the cool kids on the block, making sure everyone stays connected without missing a beat.

So, what does this look like? It means that these applications have integrations. Which is just a geeky way of saying it can create instant bridges to your quickest office-oriented goals usually displayed in a side bar with icons that open doors to productive possibilities.

#EliteTechTip: Encourage your team to use these tools to turn discussion topics in the chat into actionable items with the click of a button. Not sure how? Call us!


Tip 02|

Use Task Management Software

Task management software for your to-do list is what #Jarvis is for Ironman; swooping in to organize, prioritize, and keep track of all your tasks with futuristic simplicity. With sidekicks like #Asana, #ClickUp, and #Jira, teams can delegate tasks, streamline deadlines, and watch progress unfold across dashboards mapping the way. These platforms are the command centers for project visibility and personal accountability, boosting productivity to an all-time high. And when it's time to transform those brainstorming sessions into actionable missions, these are the tools that make it happen!

#EliteTechTip: Keep your team engaged and sharp by adding goal-oriented tool tips for them to practice and implement within the team platform. For example: Whoever turns a task in our chat into a documented Asana task first gets a free coffee tomorrow! Don't have Asana? Get it here >> Take Me To Asana!


Tip 03|

Invest in Ergonomic Hardware

First of all, what do we even mean? We mean utilizing and positioning your office device setting in a way that's not leaving your eyes strained and your body aching.

Did you know physical comfort at work can lead to increased productivity too?! Studies have shown that when employees are physically comfortable, they tend to be more motivated, translating into higher productivity and a reduction in health-related issues such as back pain, stress, or occupational burnout. So, if you want to keep your office up and running, it's important to keep your employees up and running as well.

Ergonomic equipment is a game-changer for big goals and even bigger results. Minimizing physical strain and boosting comfort is a great way to keep your employees looking forward to their office time! Investing in ergonomic keyboards, mice, and adjustable stands can transform your workspace keeping painful side effects like #carpeltunnel at bay. Embracing proper ergonomics not only curtails health problems but also sharpens focus throughout the day.

Did you know, simply raising a monitor screen can improve visibility, posture, and even breathing!

#EliteTechTip: Conduct an ergonomic assessment of your office to identify potential improvements and provide training on proper workstation setup.

Tip 04|

Don't Let Your Data Go to Waste!

Is your office utilizing your data analytics?

Data analytics tools are invaluable for gaining insights into business operations and assessing employee performance. Through data analysis, businesses can detect patterns, evaluate productivity, and make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency. Platforms such as #PowerBI, #Tableau, and #GoogleAnalytics are equipped with robust analytics features that assist in tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and refining business processes.

Gathering this information can help specifically with your marketing decisions, advertising, and even growth prediction!

#EliteTechTip: Set up automated reports to regularly review critical metrics and adjust strategies based on data-driven insights. This will keep your team's industry/market awareness sharp and impactful.


Tip 05|

Utilizing Managed IT Services

Frequently, we find that existing team members and "friends" become the default IT experts in the office. This, however, can negatively affect your team's functionality. Allowing employees to concentrate on their specific roles gives them the opportunity to enhance their skills, which in turn positively impacts your bottom line.

Contrary to popular belief, this approach does not lead to cost savings. In time, these individuals reach their limit, leaving you scrambling for urgent #ITassistance as critical tasks slow down or come to a complete stop. (GASP!)

#ManagedIT services equip your business with a committed team poised to tackle all tasks, from straightforward troubleshooting to safeguarding your digital heritage. They're also adept at installing state-of-the-art and ergonomic hardware to meet any of your specific needs, ensuring your office operates seamlessly and comfortably.

And by "they" we, of course, mean US. If you're ready for the next step in IT, reach out! We're here and ready to help so you can focus on leading your team and running your business.

Get inspired by these IT tips to create a more productive and efficient office environment that positions your team for the future!

At the end of the day by implementing these tips, you can significantly increase office productivity, and potentially your profit margin. Unified communication tools ensure seamless collaboration, task management software keeps projects on track, ergonomic hardware keeps it easy to focus, data analytics provides actionable insights, and dedicated IT management ensures secure and efficient maintenance of digital operations.

What other I.T. strategies have you found effective in increasing office productivity? Share your thoughts with us on FB or Instagram!

Not sure where to start? Easy.

Start the conversation here and we'll take care of the rest!

Best of luck,

Your Friendly Neighborhood IT Team


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